Benefits of exercise

General benefits

Increase and improved joint function.

Reduce joint pain.

Increase mobility.

Increase muscle strength.

Reduce rate of loss of bone strength and bone density.

Reduce the factors that contribute to fractures and falls.

Increase opportunity to socialise.

Reduce isolation.

Feeling of wellbeing and enjoyment.

Improve confidence.

Improve self esteem.

Psychological benefits

Reduces stress and anxiety.
Enhances mood.
Improves psychological functioning.
Improves mental health.

Social benefits

Empowering - play a more active role in society.
Remaining independent.
Enhances integration.
Making new friendships.
Widened social network.
Diminishes stereotypical perception of the elderly.


current classes

Stalybridge exercise classes

Exercise class and refreshments at

St. Andrews GP surgery, 2 Waterloo Road, Stalybridge. Tuesdays 10.30am. £3.00.




Denton exercise class

Exercise class and refreshments at Dane Bank Garden Society, Millbank Road, Dane Bank. Wednesdays at 10.45. £3.00.



 Exercise Classes starting Monday 8th Jan 2018 at 10.30am.

Salvation Army shop (upstairs, Lift available), Lime Square, Openshaw. Open to everyone over 50. Exercise and refreshments. Only £2-50p


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