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4 free  2 hors visits chaperon visits for people in  Romiley, Woodley Stockport and Gee Gross (Hyde) People the age of 50 in these area can take advantage of Lottery grant as from July this year(2018)


Lottery Funding for chaperon  project for those over the age of 50 living in Tameside has now been used , however, we still do other the  support them to get out and about with their community, for instance visiting friends, shopping, or even a visit to the park or pub.  This is at present a paid service. Pease call us to find our more. 


We can also offer up to 3 hours in supporting you to a Hospital appointment subject to terms and conditions and your personal need.   We also offer genaral support , such as cleaning and house hold duites 

If you would like to book this service please phone us on 07548 057715 or Free phone 0800 061 4151 or email us on the Contact Form.  Please note that the free outings are currently awaiting furthe  funding, but the service is still availavble as a paid service. We hope to have more free visits early in the new year.

REAL Testimonials


Dr Darah Burke - I confirm that I have experience of the “Fit over Fifty” organisation, and they have been a great help to one of my patients. This lady is an 87-year-old relatively fit lady who has been socially isolated for a number of years, this has lead her to develop symptoms of anxiety, low mood, introverted personality and physical symptoms of fatigue and headaches. She has been encouraged to leave her flat with the assistance of the Chaperon. Her symptoms of mood disturbance have improved and she has dramatically improved in herself and is living a much more fulfilling life.  I can state that I fully support the work that the “Fit over Fifty” organisation is undertaking and recommend they receive any support and funding that is available to them.



Michael – (RIP) “My wife and I would like to thank you for the chaperon service that you have provided over the last 12 months. Our Chaperon visitor has been a lifeline to my wife and I and has given us something to look forward to every week when we go out”.


Jose and John  We would like to thank Fit Over Fifty for thier continuing support and Tony for his integrity,helpfulness, kinness and he and all the team are most reliable.


Joyce – “The Chaperon service is of great value to me in many ways, they have helped me get some home adaptations  and I enjoy visiting places of interest and shopping. I would be lost without this service”.




Iris- (as above)Its a wonderful service and I would not be able to get to my Hospital appointments



Edna – “The chaperon service is a really nice trip out and I also use their domestic service which is very good, I would recommend it to anyone”.



Marion “I don’t go out much but I look forward to receiving a visit, it passes the time of day”.



Mental Health Care Co-ordinator - “I would like to express my gratitude for the support provided by the Fit over Fifty Team. They support a service user who has both mental health and physical health difficulties. My client uses a walking frame but as a result of his poor balance I found it extremely difficult to find a service that would support both him and his walking frame. My required support is to increase his mobility by using the frame outside of the home. Since my client has been using the service once a week this has allowed him to go out in public areas to visit local cafes and also enhance his exercise regime. My client has found the service very valuable and I personally have found the service very professional”.



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